Virtual Staffing Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What eStaff Global is all about?

    eStaff Global is a staffing service provider that endeavors to cater to the staffing needs of its clients through its virtual office.

Q2. What is Virtual Office?

    Virtual Office, in its literal sense, implies an office address without providing a dedicated physical office space. However, eStaff Global has improvised the concept of Virtual Office by not only providing a physical office setup, but also providing the services through its employees for the roles and responsibilities that its clients desire.

Q3. What benefits does eStaff Global have to offer to its clients?

    The benefits that eStaff Global has to offer to its clients can be summarized as below:
    What We Offer What You Get
    Space Saver Virtual Office Setup (your Employee at Our Location)
    Cost Saver Affordable Prices
    Reduced Cost / Improved Profitability Savings in Employee Benefit Cost (No Perks & Fringe)
    Local Access & Support Onshore / Local Presence of Account Delivery Managers
    Professional Work Experienced & Trained Staff under supervision of SMEs
    Real Time Support Employees work on Canadian Calendar & Time
    Quality IT Infrastructure IT connectivity between your office & our office
    Data Security Confidentiality of Data and Information

Q4. How does the process work?

    eStaff Global does a preliminary assessment of the roles in the clients’ organization to determine which role can be easily outsourced to eStaff Global resulting in savings in clients’ costs and enhancement in its profitability. Once the role is identified to be outsourced, eStaff Global enters into a contract with the client and engage its transition team to obtain training from the client on the roles and responsibilities to be outsourced. At the end of the transition cycle eStaff Global signs off with the client on the roles and responsibilities being transitioned in order to avoid any kind of ambiguity and ensure smooth execution of the work being outsourced.

Q5. Is the clients’ data secured?

    eStaff Global practices the following security policy in its organization:
    • The management of eStaff Global signs an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with its clients to ensure that the critical business information of its clients is not shared with anyone not required to have clients’ information
    • The employees of eStaff Global assigned to work for the respective client are required to sign an NDA as well
    • The IT infrastructure of eStaff Global’s office is protected by firewall to ensure that the clients’ data is not transmitted out of eStaff Global’s network

Q6. What roles and positions does eStaff Global offer to its clients?

    Currently eStaff Global offers support for the following positions & processes:
    • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
      • Order-to-Cash (O2C)
      • Procure-to-Pay (P2P)
      • Record-to-Report (R2R)
      • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
    • Customer Response Center (CRC / Call Center)
      • Customer Service Support
    • Office Support
      • Office Executive / Office Assistant
      • Accountant
      • Sales Coordinator
      • Logistics Coordinator / Administrator
      • Office Receptionist
      • Data Entry Operator

Q7. How will the eStaff Global team work for its clients?

    Upon signing of the contract between eStaff Global and its clients, eStaff Global would assign one of more dedicated/shared resource, depending on the contract, to work on the roles and responsibilities signed off between eStaff Global and its’ clients at the end of the transition cycle.

Q8. Is there going to be any daily reporting procedure?

    If the client so desires, the employees of eStaff Global would send a daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly report of the activities they performed during the specified period, to their specific clients.

Q9. What is the issue resolution procedure, in case of issues either with the employee assigned to work or with the process?

    eStaff Global has a well-defined escalation matrix defining the escalation process. This is defined in the contract between eStaff Global and its clients.

Q10. How can I terminate my contract with eStaff Global?

    Termination of the contract between eStaff Global and its’ clients is governed by the Termination Clause of the Master Service Agreement that is signed between eStaff Global and its clients. Termination can take place in any of the following circumstances:
    • Termination for Convenience
    • Termination for Cause

Q11. Is the client required to incur any initial setup / IT Infrastructure cost?

    The client is not required to incur any initial setup / IT Infrastructure cost.

Q12. What are the charges that eStaff Global will bill us for the services?

    eStaff Global provides highly cost-effective solution to its clients. These costs are very affordable and can bring in substantial savings to the clients.

Q13. Is there any hidden cost for the client?

    There are no hidden costs, no initial set up cost, no additional IT Infrastructure setup cost. The only other cost involved is HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) per Government regulations.

Q14. How will the client be billed / invoiced?

    eStaff Global raises an invoice on its clients on the last working day of the month (for services delivered till the last calendar day of that month) through email. The invoice is payable on the first calendar day / working day of the following month, whichever is earlier.

Q15. How do the clients make payment of the monthly invoices?

    Clients of eStaff Global can make payments of the invoices using any of the following methods:
    • Online / Interac transfer to eStaff Global
    • Cheque Payment
    • Credit Card Payment (the client would be required to provide pre-authorized form along with their credit card details to eStaff Global, which would process the payment on the first working / calendar day of the following month for invoices payable for that month)


For any other queries not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact:
  • Taiseer Mohammad (VP – Business Development) @ 647-834-4501
  • Shahbaz Anjum (VP – Operations) @ 647-787-3379